As part of GREENZERO we support you along your transformation process towards environmentally neutral acting:

We are a strong partner for your sustainable transformation and support you with a holistic approach in two Areas:


We apply Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) based on scientifically established methods and standard.

With our sustainability consulting services we provide companies with a comprehensive understanding of the environmental and social impacts of their businesses. We assist you setting courageous impact reduction targets and working consistently towards executing your reduction and compensation strategy.



We create integrated learning and communication experiences.

Along the transformation jouney to a sustainable company, information, communication, persuasion, new learning and relearning are needed. With transparent, conceived and addressed (learning) communication employees get a better understanding for the new perspective. We want to empower and activate them being a part to support the transformation successfully.


Experience more about the companies:

With the GREENZERO Experience Platform
you become the game changer of tomorrow.

How do you create a better understanding among your managers for transformation to sustainable business? With our innovative GREENZERO Experience Platform we create the consciousness necessary for this task by analysing the personal life cycle assessement. The Experience Platform enables our customers to collect all relevant data simply and smart in a single project phase of two weeks – mobile or on the computer. Thus you not only empower your employees to realize their own environmental impacts, but you can also sustainably improve the positive effect that employees, companies and products have on the environment. It brings a new perspective on the quality and potential of products and services, and on the future of your own organization.

Track your
Daily food


personal impact

Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner

Chair of Sustainable Engineering, TU Berlin & Co-Founder

Dr. Dirk C. Gratzel

Creator & Co-Founder

Dr. Nikolay Minkov

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Michael Woywode

Director Digital Solutions, Learning & Communication

Marcus Weniger

Sales & Marketing Director

Oliver Aberle

Senior Consultant Digital Media

Klaus Cirkel

Director of Business Development & Senior Consultant

Antonin Côme

LCA Data Analyst

Christian Cub

Customer Success Manager & Experience Platform Lead

Mariana Dantas Moura

LCA & Environmental Data Specialist

Isabel Elger

Senior Manager Finance & Administration

Kristin Ertl

Marketing Manager

Salah Dehni

LCA Consultant & Project Manager

Christian Greb

Psychology & CX

Marc Laufert

Art Director & Brand Manager

Hannah Lenkeit

Press officer

Dr. Natalia Mikosch

Senior LCA & Sustainability Consultant

Veronika Wagner

LCA & Sustainability Consultant

Arman Saeedtaheri

Environmental Engineer & LCA Specialist

Kristiana Schill

Graphic Design

Dirk Wasmer

Senior Consultant Digital Media

Alexej Braitmayer

Production Manager

Faissal Esmati

Project Manager Digital Solutions

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