Portrait greenzero Co-Founder Dirk Gratzel

Dr. Dirk C.Gratzel

Creator & Co-Founder of greenzero

About Dirk C. Gratzel

Dr. Dirk C. Gratzel (52) is married and the father of five adult children. Born in Essen, the passionate sportsman and hunter lives in Stolberg in the Rhineland.

After finishing school he studied law in Tübingen and also business administration and economics. Subsequently, he worked as a lawyer, board member and managing director of various companies. In 2007, he became self-employed as a consultant for entrepreneurs, managers and in professional sports until he founded the AI company PRECIRE Technologies in Aachen in 2013, which is now majority-owned by HDI. In 2019 he founded the non-profit greenzero gGmbH and greenzero.me GmbH together with Prof. Matthias Finkbeiner and Dr. Nikolay Minkov.


In 2015, Dirk C. Gratzel made a remarkable decision: he wanted to leave the earth with a balanced Life LCA when he dies.

In 2016 the idea brought him to Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner of the TU Berlin. In his Chair of Sustainable Engineering, the TU researchers developed an instrument to determine Dirk C. Gratzel’s Life LCA in detail in various impact categories. After months of data collection and meticulous work by all those involved, the world’s first life cycle assessment of a human is available since 2017.

The task now is to gradually offset the most significant environmental impacts with suitable measures.

Publications about the »Green Zero« project: