We offer holistic sustainability consulting services that provide companies with a comprehensive understanding of the environmental and social impacts of their businesses. Scientifically sound and applying state-of-the-art standards and methods, our consultancy assists you setting courageous impact reduction targets and working consistently towards executing your reduction and compensation strategy.

  • Life cycle assessments (LCA) of products, organizations (O-LCA) and cities aligned with ISO 14040/44 and PEF standard
  • Corporate and product carbon footprint assessments aligned with GHG Protocol standard and ISO 14067
  • Water and resource footprint assessments
  • Development of science-based impact reduction strategies
  • Moderation of the development of Product Category Rules (PCR) (ISO 14025)
  • Elaboration of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for type-III ecolabels (ISO 14025)
  • Third-party verification of EPDs (approved individual verifier at the International EPD® System and IBU – Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.)
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Science-based emission reduction strategies



Dr. Nikolay Minkov

Dr. Nikolay Minkov

Managing Director & Co-Founder
Antonin Côme

Antonin Côme

LCA Data Analyst
Mariana Dantas Moura

Mariana Dantas Moura

Environmental & LCA Data Analyst (Working Student)

Farnaz Eslamishoar

Sustainability & LCA Analyst
Dr. Natalia Mikosch

Dr. Natalia Mikosch

LCA & Sustainability Consultant

Arman Saeedtaheri

Environmental & LCA Data Analyst
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 | Germany

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